Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Twine Egg(s)--maybe

Hi everyone!  I thought I would share my attempt at twine eggs that I did over the weekend and some things that I learned.

I first tried my hand at this a few weeks ago and it was an epic fail.  I did not take a picture of that mess though :)  The day after my attempt, My Craft Channel had a video about this very same craft.  So I did learn a few things and decided to try again.  I mean, I have all this wonderful Trendy Twine that would just make some beautiful eggs!

Here is my 1st which looks like an egg--sort of.  I used a regular size balloon and only blew it up part way and was able to get the egg  shape.  However, I did not use enough Watermelon Taffy Trendy Twine on this one--it's a little bare.

This next one, I used a small water balloon.  I could not get that in an egg shape at all.  I also did not cut enough Pink Limeade Trendy Twine for this one, but just grabbed some more and continued wrapping.  This one looks so much better but is round.

  • I used Scotch Quick Dry glue watered down.  However, I used too much water and the mixture was very drippy.
  • After my 1st fail, the twine stuck to the balloon and caved in with it.  It was a mess!  So the video said to use Modge Podge or you need to grease it up somehow, so I sprayed both with Pam :)
  • The egg shape is not very sturdy.  I put the twine on as it came out of the glue--very wet.  I had to have a cup under it to catch all the drips it was so wet.  
  • The ball shape is much stiffer.  I was running the twine between my fingers to get some of the glue mixture off before putting it on the balloon.  And there was hardly a drip coming off it while drying.
  • The next morning, I wanted to take the balloon out.  I started with the egg and the twine was sticking!!  Ugg.  I so very carefully separated the twine from the balloon.  Still, when I popped it, a few strands stuck but I was able to reshape since it is so soft.
  • When I was checking to see if the round ball was sticking, the balloon popped and nothing stuck! Yay!
I do want to try again and make a few egg shapes before next weekend.  Plus, I love the Watermelon Taffy Twine and think these would be so cute for a table decoration.

So, lessons learned:  Grease up the balloon and do not use a ton of glue/water!

Please leave a link in the comments if you've make any of these--I'd love to see them!!


  1. Awesome attempts, Helen. And great tips for people to use for their own twine eggs.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  2. So neat...a little messy for me...but I love the outcome!!!

  3. Super cute! They look really pretty, great job!