Friday, February 15, 2013

Adventure Time House Party

Hello everyone!  This is not a crafty post, but I do have a picture of some cute cupcakes I made :)

Have you heard of House Party?  You can apply to host parties to promote products.  Last year I had Glade, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and Keurig Vue parties.  They send you a party kit which includes products for you and sometimes guests, along with some party favors for all the guests.

Last week, I got to host a Cartoon Network Adventure Time party.  I have 2 teenagers and they love this show!  We previewed the newest episode that will air on Cartoon Network on Monday night.  My son had six of his 15/16 year old friends come--I was so surprised that they wanted to come but they had a great time.  Since he invited friends on his own, we had 2 parties that day.  I sure was tired after all that!

Here's a picture of some simple cupcakes I made for the party.  They have a character on the show called Mr. Cupcake.  He should have a pink nose, but I didn't have pick icing.  Otherwise, it's pretty close :)

I hope to get back to regular crafting again this weekend.  Just not sure why I haven't been that crafty lately, but I do miss it!

Have a fabulous weekend!!