Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wild Card Graduation

May has been a crazy month at our house! What with end of school activities and 2 soccer tournaments in a row, and not feeling well this week, I haven't had time to craft much.

I did buy the Pink Expression Monday before I felt too bad. And Wild Card came in the mail the same day. I was able to play a little Tuesday night and made the graduation card and matching envelope for a friend's daughter. It's not super fancy and I need to learn the best paper to use for envelopes!

I had no idea how to close this envelope so I use some graduation ribbon to tie it closed. Plus it looked cute! I cut everything at 7 inches. I did learn that you cut all the extras at the same size too. I had cut a saying to go on the cap, but just didn't like it. So I just stamped congrats. I added stickles to the tassel (I think you can see it better if you click the picture).

Can't wait to play more with my Expression and new carts (I kept Pink Journey too!!)!


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